One of the great joys of working with our Interns was to introduce them to the variety of groups in the city who focused at least part of their work in the struggle for racial justice and equality. “Discovering” these other groups was an inspiring part of the summer as they moved about the city. The active presence and cooperative spirit of people who gave energy to those groups, planted in my own grateful heart what became in later years my attempt to celebrate these other “little GIANTS”.

It began in 2000, on the occasion of my 77th birthday. I wanted people to celebrate every organizational effort which focused on diminishing racism. That year I chose four of those organizations, each facing great odds in the on-going struggle, each having an impact which could not be measured by size. I called them “Little GIANTS”, made a public pledge of money to each, and invited others to join in similar pledges. In each succeeding year I chose other “Little GIANTS” to celebrate, and we joined in a common meal and a common celebration of our common struggle. It was a way to encourage friends to give financial support beyond CCI, to its “sister” organizations in the same work. Through this cooperative effort, each year we have been able to secure commitments of financial help to the “GIANTS” amounting to several thousand dollars beyond my pledges. It remains a dream for me to find some way in which anti-racism groups can engage in cooperative fund-raising. That remains a dream and hope.

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