Genesis of Community Change, Inc.

Gradually identifying a few people who might be interested, there were meetings during the early summer of 1968, after my Conference resignation took effect. At one of those meetings, we decided to create and name an organization, Community Change. I sought the right to have a larger public gathering at the Wakefield United Church, my home church then. At first I was given permission, then suddenly found it rejected, because the “fathers” of the church were concerned about what I might want to “change”. This was an early indication of a rocky road ahead.

Minister friends at Second Church, West Newton, immediately granted a meeting place. We met on an August evening, the night Richard Nixon was accepting, for the second time, the Republicans nomination for President. Over one hundred people showed up to hear about “Community Change”. Sketchy plans, rooted mostly in ideas about “training” were outlined, and while there was not great enthusiasm expressed, we moved forward immediately with formal incorporation.

The first office was a ping pong table in the Wakefield home.

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