Denominational Staff Ministry

Wakefield then became our family home, April, 1959. My ministry was with junior and senior high school youth, providing statewide programs for the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (then the Massachusetts Congregational Conference) in its churches. Sylvia settled into Wakefield, and became active in organizing a local group working on race relations. She was also active with the Greater Boston Fair Housing Federation, building a small but strong group of activists. Her knowledge, ability, and leadership earned respect in the community. My work took me around the state often, involved me also in national church planning, and left time only to give minimal support to her efforts in the town.

Our home in Wakefield was a six-room house, located on a side street very close to the center of town, and practically just across the street from a school to which David and Gary went through the sixth grade. The house was an old but well-kept building, set on a yard which afforded large play space, and a garage for the car. We were within easy walking distance of the train, convenient for my daily trips to Boston. Major highways were also close, easily accessible for my frequent trips around the state.

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