Christmas Cactus

For all of our lives (that we can recall), the Seldon family had a Christmas cactus in the front window. It never stopped growing, and was absolutely giant by the time Dad turned 90. He had thought of giving it to some institution like the Wakefield library, but it was SO large, we never figured out how to move it. But a solution was found. The family cut up over 100 pieces of the plant and put all of the cuttings in soil. Each attendee to his 90th birthday party received a cutting as a favor.

If you have a Christmas cactus from this party, please send us a picture and we will include it here – send to (click to email Gary, Shel, Debbie & Dave)

Maria Assimakopoulos and daughter Angie, holding a christmas cactus.

That plant started as a single tiny cutting taken from Dad’s giant 60+ yr. old plant in 2013, and was given to all attendees at Horace’s BIG 90th birthday party held at Dad’s beloved Brother’s Restaurant. The plant Maria holds has been living in Brothers’ window since that time, and it is thriving!

Christmas cactus from granddaughter Corey Ann Seldon


Horace’s grand-niece Isabel Lushbough (Izzy) with a thriving plant, started from his 90th birthday party.