In 1968 several individuals, including Horace Seldon, created Community Change Inc. (CCI). With its mission of working against racism and for racial justice, CCI has focused on institutional manifestations of white racism.

As founding director for CCI, Horace Seldon wrote a number of essays and articles on the many aspects of racism. Most of the essays, or commentaries, were written specifically for the CCI newsletter. In limiting almost all of the essays to 1-3 pages, the author acted on his assumption that people are more likely to read a brief article and to pass it on the others. The essays, therefore, are not intended to be comprehensive, but, instead, to start people thinking. Whether discussing the definition of racism as a “white problem,” or the language that is a symptom of racism, or the similarities between basketball and affirmative action, the essays demand attention to issues.

Those on the newsletter mailing list looked forward to reading Horace’s words and, over the years, CCI has received numerous requests for copies of the essays. This website is an attempt to make all of the essays available in one place. We have included a final section of more recent articles which are not grouped by topic but are in chronological order. We hope that you enjoy these and all the articles available here.