Dead Fly Club

Horace Seldon was maybe the Founder of the Dead Fly Club – or maybe it was a club that he joined with the teenagers back from church camp days. This is a certificate created by grandson Michael Worthley-Seldon commemorating that fact, given to Horace at his 90th birthday celebration.

This from his grandson, Michael Worthley-Seldon – The Dead Fly Club is an organization which Horace thoroughly enjoyed being a member. Unlike every other organization to which he was affiliated, the Dead Fly Club has no religious, social, economic or political purposes, in fact it’s sole purpose is to do the dead fly thing.

The dead fly thing, which according to Dead Fly Club rules and guidelines can only be done when it has been determined inappropriate, is easily performed by laying on ones back lifting your arms and legs into the air, and moving them about while yelling out “Dead Fly! Dead Fly! Dead Fly!

It is not difficult to see how Horace delighted in doing the dead fly thing, whenever it was possible as it always lead to side splitting laughter for anyone involved.

Video produced by grand-daughter Emily Seward and great-grand-daughter and her friend Fiona in honor of her great-grandfather.