Celebration of Horace Seldon’s Life October 21, 2017

Hold the date, we invite you to join a formal celebration of Horace Seldon’s life on October 21st in Boston, MA.

We will announce the time and location as soon as possible.

In order to coordinate with an event so very dear to Dad’s heart, we are holding his memorial services in connection with The Women’s March of Courage.

He would love it! A Celebration of Life, and action!

The significance of October 21, 1835

Following the near lynching of Garrison, despite threat to their own lives, members of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society courageously marched down Washington St., through the angry anti-abolitionist mob.

Black and white, arm in arm, women, resolute.

And so, we will gather on October 21, 2017 to continue this courage, this love, and this honor of Horace.

If you would like to pitch in with organization help, promotion, and day-of-assistance, please fill out the form below and Shay from Community Change, Inc. will be in touch.