Speak Now Against the Day

For a Christmas gift a son and his wife sent me a book which has quickly become a treasure. Speak Now Against the Day by John Egerton bears a subtitle: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South. It is the story of men and women of the South who spoke and worked against the development of segregation as a way of life which they knew to be destroying both the South and the idea of equality. Continue reading “Speak Now Against the Day”

Where Will You Be in ‘93?

1992 approached with announcements from official bodies of plans to celebrate the Quincentennial of the date when Columbus set foot on an island in the Caribbean. It was clear that the year would be crowded with expensive, lavishly-orchestrated events. In true entrepreneurial spirit, corporate entities and ad agencies began using themes of “discovery” to sell their products.

Then came the counter-campaigns. Continue reading “Where Will You Be in ‘93?”