“Oh! Incidentally …” You’ve heard that or said something like it many times. You may have been talking with someone and the conversation suddenly called to your mind another concern about which you had forgotten. You mention it, while you are thinking of it … “Oh, incidentally … that reminds me … I just remembered …” Continue reading “Oh!…Incidentally”

To Friends at the YWCA

[Editor’s note: In 1970, the YWCA of the USA adopted as its “One Imperative” the elimination of racism “wherever it exists” and “by any means necessary.” Community Change was present when the Imperative was adopted and later trained national staff and board members. Each local YWCA was charged with implementing the Imperative in its work. To some individuals, however, the phrase “by any means necessary” seemed to go too far. Did the YWCA leadership really mean that members should participate in any activity opposed to racism-including violence? The following essay is a response to those concerns.] Continue reading “To Friends at the YWCA”